If you had a baby…what do you prefer ? Boy or a girl ?

I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered if one day you had a baby … What do you want?

Please don’t tell me the old theory of « Who cares ? No matter ! It’s not the point ! One or the other will be perfect, only because it’s our child! « … Bullshit !!!! Of course, that’s what they say ! But after the fourth daughter, dad starts to get stressed by saying that his surname continues we’ll have is that there is one that remaining old daughter, is the fifth to be a boy … if no divorce, no alternative … 6 girls at home, we can not even touch shouldn’t be messing around, it’s hell ! We’ve seen what happened with « Little Women » !
So I’d like to have a girl because girls … this is too…cute ! Girls are pretty,they take their shower even you asked, (sometimes) they dress well  (ok there are some exceptions … but stop Always spit on Picarde’s style…You should attacked Picarde’s stores !  … And hairdressers too 😉 I’m joking one of my best friend is … well from Picardie ! They only shouldn’t speak  because their accent, it makes blooding my ear…If you’re nice, i’ll do a vidéo, only me and her : fun guaranteed 😉 … but mostly girls that knows how to react in ALL circumstances!
While boys, it’s very ironic … they are completely autonomous when to organize a snooze or make an evening only between guys (with playstation, beer or scotch, pizza and bad jokes) … not good at all when they have to organize a romantic trip … 😉 How do you do gay guys ? 😉 They don’t need you at all when they do things with their friends ’cause they’re mens, they’re strong…but when they come back home they become like a little child : they’re bumbling, they sit on the sofa and said « Babyyyy, I’m hungry, I ‘ ‘m thirsty, I’m cold …. Please, can you bring me something ? »
Arghhh ! Are you joking ? But you’re nice and sweet so,  you breath and push kitchen’s door and SURPRISE … … All dishes of the week is here in the sink, there were plenty person!! … On the top of dishes there’s a little word « Waiting you my love … wash me please  » … and when you ask the question,
– « Did you know that the dishes but it looks like a wagon of the RER A at 8 hours of strike morning ?
–  » You can’t understand my sweet heart ….  »
– « I only understand that tonight it’s sofa’s pizza or restaurant…In the both case, you pay sweet heart 🙂 »

I like when he’s like that (even if i shouldn’t say it !), because that’s when i realize that the guy sprawled in the 1m85 on the sofa is actually a tiny 4 years old boy who seeks EXCUSE for not being scolded …and I recognize that every time I am amazed by what he finds me !
So here I want a girl because I already have my little boy at home 😉

PS : It’s an old story because i’m not with this child anymore, i’ve fed up 😉